Starting with pencils and ink drawings, studying Art History in college, and eventually falling in love with motion pictures, art has been a part of Tom’s life since childhood. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2008, it was clear that his passion for creating art would be an important part of choosing a career. The obvious choice was “wedding cinematographer.” No, seriously! Creating real, living, breathing documentaries about couples committing their lives to each other…there’s nothing better! (In our most humble opinion, of course) Tom currently resides in San Diego with his lovely wife Mindi.

  • Our Approach

    Couples are pleasantly surprised when we show up without huge cameras, bright lights, and boom mics. That’s right, we use low-profile cameras, much like the one your photographer uses. Besides being less intrusive, the light equipment we carry enable us to anticipate moments. Weddings happen so fast and there are no do-overs. Capturing these fleeting moments on the fly is something we take pride in, and something that our couples find comfort in.  Each wedding is unique and everyone has a different path. We’re excited to tell your story and see it come to life on film.

  • Our Name

    It’s ok, we won’t fault you for mispronouncing Aqua Vivus (Vee-Vuss). Even my own mother thought our website was called Aquarius.com…along with everyone who received a graduation announcement in the mail that year.  It took a while to convince everyone we weren’t in the astrology business. Of course a few months later I saw a commercial for “Aqua Velva Aftershave”. COME ON!  This whole picking-a-name thing sure wasn’t going well…But seriously, what does it mean? My father would occasionally teach us funny phrases in Latin, and as children we got a kick out of it. Phrases such as “Semper ubi sub ubi” (Always where under where) are things that just stick with you. Years later when it came time to name the company it only seemed natural to pick something in Latin. Aqua Vivus roughly means “Life Water”, something essential to daily living. It also has spiritual significance – John 7:37-38.

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