Tatum & Bryan – The Lodge at Torrey Pines

I keep saying this but I can’t believe I live here! San Diego is such a beautiful city. I was reminded of this yet again as I put together Tatum & Bryan’s wedding Highlight. Their wedding was held at the Lodge at Torrey Pines, overlooking the world renowned cliffside golf course. I’m not an avid golfer, but even I know this place is a pretty big deal. The beautiful scenery was a perfect compliment to Tatum, an absolutely stunning bride. I was loving the portrait shots we captured of the two of them, they made our job very easy!  Even more importantly, they are some of the most kind, just overall cool people we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Capturing the event with Patty Brutlag from Petula Pea Photography made for a completely seamless day as our styles blended together very well. Wishing you guys nothing but the best, cheers!

Lindsey & George – Double Eagle Resort, June Lake California

Dude, epic. That’s pretty much all I have to say about this one! Thanks to Lindsey & George for inviting us to come capture their wedding and create their wedding video. It was a really special time and the food was soooo good. I wish every wedding had a gluten free amazing tasting cupcake table. Can’t wait to come back and visit the Double Eagle Resort, such a beautiful place!


Flashing back to some work we did a while back but never blogged, here’s a fantastic wedding we filmed in Santa Barbara, CA. Courtney & Collin’s big day was perfectly planned by one of our favorites, Amber Weir of Amber Weir Weddings & Events. The location was beautiful – El Encanto – a quaint resort tucked away in the hills of Santa Barbara overlooking the ocean. It was truly an idyllic day in Southern California which excited all the friends and family visiting from out of town. We hope you enjoy their wedding video!


On the blog today is a video capturing magical views on the cliffs of Palos Verdes at the lovely wedding of Laura & Min. There were definitely many “wow” moments throughout the day but our favorite came during the portrait session at sunset. Min was just a little bit excited about our aerial coverage and we made sure to fly above the cliffs while filming the happy couple taking a stroll along the bluff. Beautiful!


We’ve been to the Napa Valley before but never made it all the way up to Calistoga. Without going into too much detail, it’s pretty much that painting of Napa that you see in every hotel lobby around the area. I’m hoping next time we go back it’s not too crowded, because right now it seems to be a well-kept secret!

Zak & Perri rented out the Triple S Ranch for the weekend (week?) and we pretty much had free reign to explore the property. Drone? Check. After flying around for a while we found a great part of the land that nobody had seen yet, with a great backdrop that would be perfect for a portrait session. We need to add “recon/location scout” to our list of services! There was definitely no shortage of beautiful people, places, and things to film. ZAP, you guys did great!

I can’t believe we pulled this off: 2 person crew, an SUV full of gear that we were lugging all over the place, and 90 minutes to cut together the Same Day Premiere. Turned out to be a smashing success! Enjoy the fruits of our labor!


I knew this time would come but I didn’t know it would happen so quickly! My younger siblings and cousins are of marrying age and are finding their soul-mates. I had the privilege of capturing my cousin Brendan’s proposal and surprise engagement party last year. I’m sad I won’t be in attendance at their wedding, but having a front row seat to their engagement was a great preview! We scouted the location via email and google earth, had some help from Aunt C, and planted a few hidden cameras around the cliffs of Corona Del Mar. Here’s the little video I whipped up to capture the big moment and some still captures from the party later that afternoon. Best wishes to them on a beautiful wedding and amazing life together!


A huge pleasure to work with Joyce & Jae on their wedding in Wellington, Florida! Their wedding was recently featured in The Knot Magazine as part of the Fall/Winter 2015 issue. Here’s the blurb written by Joyce herself!

Growing up with my father as the senior pastor of our church, I started attending weddings, rather, a plethora of weddings, from an early age. I was very blessed to have witnessed so much beauty and love on a weekly basis. However, this came with the caveat that the bar only rose higher for my own fairytale wedding with each one I attended. Having taken bits and pieces from countless events, as well as entering this new era of Pinterest, I was completely overwhelmed when the time came to plan our very own wedding.

With the help of Jae, my fiancé at the time, we started with the basics and thought of what would best illustrate our story. We imagined a garden, just like the one we ventured through on our first date. Since we decided to get married in Jae’s hometown of Wellington, FL, we wanted to bring down a piece of New York City through the food. It needed to feel like an escape into a fairytale, because after all, marrying your soul mate should feel like nothing short of such a dream.

To set precedence for the big day, invitations were hand stamped with a wax seal, displaying our matching initials: “J + J”. For mailing, we created postage stamps using snapshots from our engagement shoot, taken by the ever-amazing Judy Pak.

On November 8, 2014, guests arrived to St. David’s in the Pines Episcopal Church, tucked away on a corner enclosed with tall pine trees. Shedding the traditional guestbook, friends and family were asked to autograph their presence on a wooden heart which, would then be placed in a shadowbox frame. As they made way to their seats, from each pew hung pictures of Jae and myself growing up; the bride on the left and groom on the right. The musicians began to play and the two flower girls walked in, holding their hand-woven baskets, gilded with an olive leaf ribbon by one of my very own bridesmaids. My father walked me down the aisle while gaining his composure, for his job wouldn’t be done even when we reached the alter… he had to preside over the wedding as well! Jae and I recited our vows, then Mr. & Mrs. Ko we came to be~.

After the ceremony and a short, breezy drive, the guests entered to flowers floating in the pool at the International Polo Club. From highlighting encouraging verses in the bible used during the ceremony, to sipping on “Mr.” and “Mrs.” specialty cocktails out of birch tree paper straws, everyone found their way to retrieve their escort cards. As a keepsake and reminder of our roots, the cards were tied to mason jar mugs printed with the state outline of New York and Florida, “Joyce” and “Jae” written inside each state respectively.

In order to create our exact vision of a secret garden, the patio covered by two tents became our blank canvas for the reception. As grapevines and eucalyptus leaves wrapped around each pole all the way up to cover the ceilings, chandeliers and candlelit glass orbs hung among the draping eucalyptus, illuminating the space as everyone walked into our love story. Orange Blossom Florals swooned us all while transforming our ideas to life.

Sharing what was once only my passion, and now Jae’s as well, our personal favorite candies and desserts enticed on top of vintage carts presenting the banner, “A Few of Our Favorite Things”. Next to the carts rested the wedding cake, whimsical in shape, complete with a miniature tennis racquet & ball peaking out from the base… because after all, this was the groom’s wedding too ;-).

As guests dined through courses and stations, tasting much more than what we thought NYC had to offer, Executive Chef William Sellner Jr. and the team at the Polo Club truly outdid themselves to make our story complete.

Later that evening, it rained right on cue, as everyone was safely under the amaranthus adorned tent. Our secret garden transformed into an enchanted forest as we danced the night away, and such a fairytale it truly was!”


Check out this super fun Short Film we just finished! We love couples with personality and these two certainly fit the bill. Our favorite moments include: mutually agreeing not to cry during their first look and to save it for later, confetti cannon showers the crowd as they kiss during the ceremony and later during the last dance, and amazing first dance twirling (by both of them). The design was flawless and so well-thought out, produced by the legendary team at Bash, Please. Had a great time collaborating and capturing visuals alongside Amy and Stuart Photography. You know West Coast Music – Beverly Hills/Los Angeles rocked the party all night until the RAFFter party…and guess who kept the party going? Our buddy DJ Austin Hendrix! Between all the surprises, hilarious comments, and sweet moments, this was a treat to be a part of!


Sometimes you find yourself in a place you thought might only exist in your dreams. For me it was filming a wedding on a rooftop in downtown Los Angeles with an aisle lined by trees in full bloom. As I stood there admiring the beautiful scenery, each person in the bridal party smiled as they made their way down the aisle. I joked and casually chatted with the photographer standing next to me. He happens to be a world renowned talent and I had just seen him on stage teaching at an international photography convention, yet he treated me as a peer and with respect. Normally I have slight butterflies and a healthy amount of stress when filming a once-in-a-lifetime event, but for some reason I was completely at ease. The beautiful bride emerged, escorted by her father to the sounds of a string quartet and everything was perfect. It was truly magical and a moment I don’t think I’ll soon forget!

As the night progressed the dream continued. An amazing set by the crazy talented musicians, a jaw-dropping reception space, and spoken word powerful enough to soften the hardest of hearts were among the things we had the opportunity to capture that evening. We drove away that night with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for not only the fact that we are hired to create art, but also that we have the freedom to explore, take risks, and let our imaginations wander. Thank you Morgan & Joe for having us and we wish you nothing but the best in your journey through life together!


Last fall we cruised up the California coast to Hollister for a wedding at Leal Vineyards. It was a great chance for us to break in our new drone (UAV) for some amazing shots from the air. Seriously, so much fun. When we arrived at the vineyards we were pleasantly surprised to find out the entire bridal party and their family were getting ready in two large houses on the same property – both within a few steps of each other. Logistically this is great for us, as we can pop between the guys and gals and gather lots of fun little scenes. As for Kelli & Cody, we really lucked out! They are totally cool and were super accommodating to us. You could see how much their family loves them and how close everyone was, in a way it made us feel like part of the family for the day! Also had a great time working with Ashley Maxwell again, always a pleasure.