Candice & Mike – PALM SPRINGS, CA

Capturing once in a lifetime events really gets our juices flowing, especially when we have an amazing couple to work with! Mike & Candice made everything so fun and easy, it really was effortless to capture some great moments throughout their wedding in Palm Springs. Thought and care was put into so many elements of their day. From the picture on the card (taken by Mike’s mother) Mike delivered to Candice before their ceremony, to the personalized vows they wrote for each other, down to the table names at the reception in honor of their beloved Packers. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it!


We have a Highlight film today featuring a wedding we filmed in Sonoma. Wes and Jade had many teary moments throughout the day, but our favorite moment came during the ceremony when the word “infidelity” accidentally made an appearance and just about brought the house down! Enjoy their film!


Let’s keep the ball rollin’! Our Associates Jason and Mary shot this wedding at Scripps Seaside Forum. During the ceremony a rogue drone made an appearance, see if you can spot it. Drones/Quad copters/UAVs are cool (we have one) but definitely not in the middle of a wedding ceremony! Not only is it distracting to look at, it’s very loud. And now everyone there thinks it’s ours, so thanks for that rogue drone flyer person. Luckily Julie and David’s vows were wonderful and heartfelt, and they didn’t seem distracted at all! Enjoy the film!


2014 was a big year for our Associates! Here’s a wedding they did at the beautiful Temecula Creek Inn. Kris & Cristie were a dream to work with and a terrific team of vendors! Enjoy their film!


Happy new year! 2014 saw a lot of changes. Tom’s family welcomed their first born child into the world, Thomas Patrick O’Hara. We also heard the news that Jason & Mary are expecting a baby girl coming in 2015! We said goodbye to some old friends and hello to some new ones. We met a lot of amazing people and visited some unexpected places. We added some new gadgets and gizmos which have taken our work to new heights!

We have lots of videos to share from 2014, but to kick off 2015 we’re starting with our first wedding of 2015 – a Same Day Premiere we just created on Saturday at Jason & Thea’s wedding! Every now and then you meet a couple that you feel like you could talk to for hours. Well, I did just that with Jason & Thea (3 hour long pre-wedding meeting!). It was amazing to spend their wedding day with them, and so funny running into them at the grocery store 2 days later! A lot of firsts for us on this one:
– 1st time filming a couple’s 2nd wedding (they had their first wedding at Disneyland!)
– 1st time putting a drone shot in a Same Day Premiere (the crowd goes wild!)
– 1st time doing a surprise comedy scene (people laughed, thank God)
– 1st time with a MoVI (thanks to our esteemed colleague Matt Forrey)

Thanks Jason & Thea for making us a part of your 2nd big day! We know this one was the “real deal”!


Greetings! We just returned from Florida after our last wedding of 2014. What a great year it’s been! Filming weddings has taken us all over the place. Stay tuned for upcoming posts featuring weddings shot in Napa Wine Country, Big Sur, Northern Arkansas, the desert oasis of Palm Springs, and all over California from Hollister to Del Mar. Today we’re re-living a wedding our Associates shot in Yuma, AZ. We hope you love this sweet little film as much as we do!


If you have been following our blog you know we love creating Same Day Premieres for our couples. It’s always stressful to shoot, edit, and premiere a video within the span of only a few hours, but the reward is great. Listening to the audience and their initial gasps of shock (how did they do that?!), the cheers, the laughs, and watching the tears well up is always a great rush. It’s really the only time we get to see how people respond to our films, and we love it. Until today all the Same Day Premiere Films have been created by me (Tom) and my team. So for the first time ever, may I present a SDP produced by our Associates Jason & Mary. They are super talented and valuable members of our team. I hope you enjoy what they put together, it’s not an easy feat and I’m impressed! Cheers!


Today we are featuring a “Great Gatsby” themed wedding shot by our Associates. The ceremony & reception took place at the Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego and was styled by Monarch Weddings and Splendid Sentiments. The whole day had a magical vibe and felt a bit surreal thanks to the guests in their chic attire, beautiful decorations, and amazing dance party orchestrated by DJ Thomas James. It was also cool to see NFL tight end Zach Miller (Seattle Seahawks) there as his twin daughters were performing the duties of flower girl. As avid 49ers fans, we put aside our feelings for the Hawks and make sure Zach and his girls made the film. Finally, the love for Jennifer & Chad was evident as their friends and family gathered to celebrate their marriage. Their vows to each other were wonderfully written, heartfelt, and really made our jobs easy! Choosing the soundtrack for this film was a process since we were searching for songs that fit the Gatsby style. The search was made easier by using The Music Bed as our Associate Jamie finally settled on two tracks by Brooke Waggoner. The songs heavily lean on orchestral string arrangements and gave us that sweeping/dramatic sound we were looking for. A perfect fit! Please sit back and enjoy their Highlight Film. After you’re done with that, please check out their photographs captured by True Photography here.


One thousand paper cranes. My hands hurt just thinking about how much work that took. Folded lovingly by their family and presented by Schuyler’s grandma, the paper cranes were a perfect backdrop for their ceremony. As the sun set over Mt San Jacinto, they exchanged their sweet vows to each other while the cranes danced back and forth in the gentle breeze. As our last wedding of 2013, we were hoping to end the year with a banging dance party and it didn’t disappoint! Congrats to Erin & Schuyler!


Here’s another chance to get cozy and enjoy a little Highlight that our amazing Associate Filmmakers put together! Jason, Mary, and Kris traveled up to June Lake earlier this year and captured some breathtaking footage.

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