Sometimes you find yourself in a place you thought might only exist in your dreams. For me it was filming a wedding on a rooftop in downtown Los Angeles with an aisle lined by trees in full bloom. As I stood there admiring the beautiful scenery, each person in the bridal party smiled as they made their way down the aisle. I joked and casually chatted with the photographer standing next to me. He happens to be a world renowned talent and I had just seen him on stage teaching at an international photography convention, yet he treated me as a peer and with respect. Normally I have slight butterflies and a healthy amount of stress when filming a once-in-a-lifetime event, but for some reason I was completely at ease. The beautiful bride emerged, escorted by her father to the sounds of a string quartet and everything was perfect. It was truly magical and a moment I don’t think I’ll soon forget!

As the night progressed the dream continued. An amazing set by the crazy talented musicians, a jaw-dropping reception space, and spoken word powerful enough to soften the hardest of hearts were among the things we had the opportunity to capture that evening. We drove away that night with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for not only the fact that we are hired to create art, but also that we have the freedom to explore, take risks, and let our imaginations wander. Thank you Morgan & Joe for having us and we wish you nothing but the best in your journey through life together!

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