We’ve been to the Napa Valley before but never made it all the way up to Calistoga. Without going into too much detail, it’s pretty much that painting of Napa that you see in every hotel lobby around the area. I’m hoping next time we go back it’s not too crowded, because right now it seems to be a well-kept secret!

Zak & Perri rented out the Triple S Ranch for the weekend (week?) and we pretty much had free reign to explore the property. Drone? Check. After flying around for a while we found a great part of the land that nobody had seen yet, with a great backdrop that would be perfect for a portrait session. We need to add “recon/location scout” to our list of services! There was definitely no shortage of beautiful people, places, and things to film. ZAP, you guys did great!

I can’t believe we pulled this off: 2 person crew, an SUV full of gear that we were lugging all over the place, and 90 minutes to cut together the Same Day Premiere. Turned out to be a smashing success! Enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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