For a unique way to cap your evening look no further than the Same Day Premiere. It’s a short movie (no longer than 3-4 minutes) that we cut together during the reception and then play on a big screen at the end of the night! To top it off, it’s available online within a few days to share almost immediately after your wedding. Please visit our contact page to inquire further about this amazing service!


    For something short and sweet we offer the Highlight.  We select all the best clips from your big day and arrange them with some great tunes to capture the feeling of your big day. Up to 5 minutes in length, guaranteed nostalgia for years to come.


    If you had only 8 to 12 minutes to tell someone about your wedding what would you do? Simple! Just direct their attention to the nearest TV, computer, or iPad and show them your Short Film!  Similar to the Highlights, yet a bit more story-driven and includes almost double the footage.  It’s highly shareable and something you can cherish forever!


    A true heirloom piece, our Feature Film runs 20-30 minutes and gives the most complete picture of your wedding day. From gorgeous views of the surrounding area to intimate moments during your vows, there is no better way to transport back to this moment in time.

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